Judy Blunt

Stephanie Land grew up in Alaska and thought she was ready for anything the extreme climate could throw her way. She recalls the night in Gold Stream Valley when winter proved her wrong. Judy Blunt's memoir, "Breaking Clean," tells the story of "practical rather than humane" decisions that ranchers along Montana's Hi-Line had to make after the devastating 1964 blizzard.

courtesy of the University of Montana

Tamara Linse - "a writer, cogitator, recovering cowgirl" - grew up on a Wyoming ranch where adult women told dumb blonde jokes. Linse's book of short stories is called How To Be A Man. "They thought of themselves," she writes of the ranch women, "as profoundly set apart, a sort of third gender - not quite a man but definitely not a woman.

5/20/14 & 5/21/14: This week on "Reflections West:" Stephanie Land recalls how the cold of an Alaskan winter forced her to surrender to nature. Judy Blunt portrays the 1964 blizzard on Montana's Hi-Line.

4/22/14 & 4/23/14: This week on "Reflections West:" Tamara Linse reflects on being a woman in the masculine world of ranching.  She pairs her thoughts with a poem by Judy Blunt.