Matt Jones

Bill Would Help Communities Prepare For Hazardous Materials

Jan 25, 2017

HELENA - About 10 people testified Wednesday for a bill that would create a task force to help communities prepare for and respond to incidents involving hazardous materials. 

Democratic Rep. Denise Hayman of Bozeman said she’s carrying House Bill 296, "to bring the experts together to discuss how we might be better prepared to respond to a disaster, especially in our more remote, rural areas."

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UPDATE: 2:30 PM: Matt Jones with BNSF said freight travel re-opened at 12:30 PM today on one of the two tracks closed by last night's avalanche. The other track should open soon. 


Amtrak and BNSF trains are delayed after an avalanche was reported late Sunday night east of the small northwest Montana town of Essex.

BNSF Regional Public Affairs Director Matt Jones expects the debris to be cleared from the track and freight trains should running again by this afternoon.