Mitch Tropila

House Republicans Block Funding Increases For Correctional System

Mar 19, 2015
State budgets.

Today at the Montana Legislature, Democrats pleaded for more money for people working within the Montana correctional system. They asked for raises for public defenders, more parole officers, and raises for officers in the state prison. Democrat Mitch Tropila says the wages are too low for state prison guards, making overtime mandatory and a hard job harder.

“Whenever they have to open one of the gate, they’re subject to having the inmates’ bodily fluids thrown at them, in their face, on their body. But they’re down there every day, they’re down there 24/7, 365.”

State Takes Another Crack At Changing Auditor's Title

Oct 16, 2014
Monica Lindeen, commissioner of securities and insurance, and Democratic candidate for Montana secretary of state.
Courtesy Monica Lindeen

There may be no more solemn duty in electoral politics than considering a constitutional amendment, and this year Montanans face such a choice. Of course, it’s not every day you modify the constitution to change a name.

If voters approve C-45 on this November’s ballot the title of the Montana State Auditor’s Office will become the Commissioner’s Office of Securities and Insurance.

Yes, that is it.

MT's budget on track

Mar 14, 2014

Analysts expect Montana’s budget surplus to be slightly higher than previous predictions.

The estimate comes from the Legislative Fiscal Division. It now predicts the state will have nearly $353 million left in the bank at the end of this budget cycle. That’s almost $6 million higher than estimates in December.

Conrad Republican Senator Llew Jones chairs the Legislative Finance committee, which looks at the budget between Legislative sessions. He said, overall, the budget is staying right about where it should.