Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services

Sen. Kristin Hansen (R) SD-14.
Montana Legislature

State lawmakers are criticizing the state health department’s plan for how to address the high suicide rate among Montana’s young Native Americans.

Enrollment in Montana’s expanded Medicaid program is exceeding expectations, and so far has refunded $3 million to the state’s general fund.

That’s according to officials with the state health department who briefed a special expansion oversight committee today.

Montana Capitol
William Marcus

Tuesday health care officials and lawmakers are meeting in the capitol for a progress report on Medicaid expansion in Montana. Montana’s expansion, also known as the HELP Act, was signed into law just under a year ago.


A group of pain patients testifying before state lawmakers Friday says Montana has become a hostile place for people who suffer from chronic pain.

Data Show Mild Flu Season In Montana So Far

Feb 10, 2016
Montana health officials say flu-related hospitalizations are down 95 percent from the same period last year.
James Gathany (PD)

BILLINGS, Mont. (AP) — Montana health officials say flu-related hospitalizations are down 95 percent from the same period last year.

Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services

The deadline set for the Protect Montana Kids Commission to draft recommendations to deal with the state’s struggling child abuse and neglect services may have to be pushed back.

Sunday Is The Deadline For Obamacare Enrollment

Jan 26, 2016

  Sunday is the deadline to enroll for health insurance coverage under the federal Affordable Care Act for this year. Some Montanans might find out during this year’s enrollment they are now eligible for coverage under the state’s expanded Medicaid.

Josh Burnham

If you got a couple dozen of the most powerful and influential health care leaders in Montana together in a room, they'd tell you that, overall, spending on health care here could be a lot more efficient.

That's actually exactly what happened Tuesday in Helena.

Members of the Sexual Assault Evidence Kit task force met for the first time Tuesday at the capitol.
William Marcus

Members of a legislative committee overseeing Montana’s Child and Family Services Division heard several storylines Monday for the reasons why the Division is struggling with child abuse and neglect casework.

A main topic of the hearing was an audit report released last fall that found several problems with how the department is investigating cases, using casework data and documenting information.

Montana Capitol
William Marcus

Today, the state agency that oversees child abuse and neglect services challenged parts of an audit of their work released last fall.

In front of a legislative panel today, Child and Family Service Division Administrator Sarah Corbally acknowledged truth in most of the audit. It raised problems with inconsistent documentation, limited oversight, and a lack of management information.