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Mountain whitefish.

Montana wildlife officials are expanding their search for further signs of a massive fish kill in the Yellowstone River. Over 1,000 dead mountain whitefish have been counted so far.

Montana Proposes Elk Hazing To Check Brucellosis Spread

Aug 10, 2016
Montana Proposes Elk Hazing To Check Brucellosis Spread

HELENA, Mont. (AP) — Montana wildlife officials are proposing to keep elk that have been exposed to disease from mingling with unexposed elk across a wide area north and west of Yellowstone National Park, though they acknowledge that plan has a high possibility of failure.

Montana’s Fish and Wildlife Commission approved hunting guidelines for grizzly bears Wednesday in Helena.

Wildlife experts have fanned out across the Halfmoon Lakes area of the Flathead National Forest in search of the grizzly that killed 38-year-old Brad Treat Wednesday.

Montana wildlife officials have a difficult decision to make when and if they capture a grizzly bear that killed 38-year-old Brad Treat Wednesday near Glacier National Park. Do they euthanize the animal or relocate it?

Grizzly Bears Showing Up On Prairies North Of Great Falls

May 12, 2016
Grizzly Bears Showing Up On Prairies North Of Great Falls
Courtesy CSKT Natural Resources Department

GREAT FALLS, Mont. (AP) — State game wardens have been busy monitoring and hazing grizzly bears as they show up on the prairies east of the Rocky Mountain Front and north of Great Falls.

Montana Proposes To Triple Wolf Harvest Near Yellowstone

May 10, 2016
Wolf on the northern range of Yellowstone National Park.
Jim Peaco (PD)

BILLINGS, Mont. (AP) — Montana officials want to triple the number of gray wolves hunters and trappers can kill in an area bordering Yellowstone National Park, citing complaints the predators are eating too many elk wanted by hunters and outfitters.

Rules Drafted For ProposeDraft map showing grizzly bear management units in Montana.d Grizzly Hunting Season
Courtesy Montana FWP

Draft rules for hunting grizzly bears in Montana were released Wednesday.

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks Spokesman Ron Aasheim says the proposed rules are part of the bigger-picture effort to take Yellowstone area grizzlies off of the federal endangered species list.

Grizzly Bear Monitoring Project Continues In Glacier Park

Apr 28, 2016
A grizzly bear visiting a wire hair snag station near Glacier National Park.
Glacier National Park (PD)

WEST GLACIER, Mont. (AP) — A long-term program to monitor grizzly bears in the Northern Continental Divide Ecosystem continues this summer in Glacier National Park.

Moose Populations Waver In Parts Of Montana

Apr 22, 2016
Moose Populations Waiver In Parts Of Montana

Moose populations in parts of Montana are struggling. That’s according to preliminary research.

For more than 100 years, state fish and wildlife agencies have accepted the job of managing wildlife, usually but not exclusively those which are hunted for meat or trapped for fur. Managing in concept involves assessing and improving habitat, monitoring populations, setting seasons and bag limits on animals that can be taken - in short, allowing harvest while maintaining a health population. So imagine: you're supposed to manage wolverines. Mission impossible? Our guests today, who work for Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks, talk about wolverines and the challenges around managing them.