Montana State Hospital

2015 Legislature
7:19 pm
Wed February 11, 2015

Two More Mental Health Bills Advance In The Montana House

Credit William Marcus

The Children, Families, Health and Human Services interim Committee spent months studying several issues, including mental health services. That panel’s package intends to intervene early and when possible use community-based services.

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2015 Legislature
5:02 pm
Wed February 4, 2015

Lawmaker Calls For Transitional Housing For Discharged State Hospital Patients

Rep. Ellie Boldman Hill (D) HD90
Credit Courtesy Montana Legislature

Montana lawmakers moved a step closer Wednesday to making sure that mentally ill people have somewhere to go before they’re discharged from the state hospital.

Missoula Democrat Ellie Boldman Hill thinks a homeless shelter is not the place to send a person who’s just been released from psychiatric treatment, but that’s what often happens in Montana.

“In 2014, 23 of those folks that were admitted to Warm Springs, Warm Springs discharged into our communities directly into homelessness,” according to Hill.

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2015 Legislature
6:21 pm
Wed January 28, 2015

Mental Health Funding On Thursday's Legislative Agenda

Credit William Marcus

Thursday, the Montana Legislature will hear a bill funding new and expanded intervention for mental health crises. Republican Representative Ron Ehli of Hamilton is carrying the bill, and has spent some time working with the subject.

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Capitol Talk
4:23 pm
Fri January 16, 2015

'Capitol Talk' Looks At Spending Disputes At The State Legislature

Chuck Johnson, Sally Mauk and Mike Dennison bring you news and analysis each Friday during the Montana Legislature on "Capitol Talk"
Credit Eliza Wiley

This week on "Capitol Talk:" disagreement over how much money to spend and what to spend it on is at the core of many political disputes at the Montana Legislature.

Both parties agree on the need to improve mental health services, but that's where the agreement ends.

The conflict over state employee pay continues from the last legislative session.

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Department of Justice
11:07 pm
Wed January 14, 2015

Eck's Bill Would Change Oversight At Warm Springs

Eck's bill would shift one full time position from the state hospital to Montana's Department of Justice
Credit State of Montana

The Montana State Hospital, the state’s only public psychiatric facility, is coming under fire for the way it handles complaints of abuse or neglect. The best known case occurred five years ago, when the state paid $375,000 to settle a complaint by the family of a female patient raped by a convicted sex offender. Democratic lawmaker Jenny Eck of Helena wants the state Department of Justice to handle complaints about the mistreatment of patients

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2:06 pm
Tue April 1, 2014

Group sues state over treatment of incarcerated mentally ill

A civil rights organization filed a lawsuit Monday against the state over the treatment of mentally ill inmates at the Montana State Prison and at the Montana State Hospital.

Disability Rights Montana sued seven top officials with both the state Departments of Corrections and Health and Human Services, saying mentally ill inmates are “subjected to a cruel system that exacerbates, rather than treats and ameliorates their mental illness.”

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