pâte à choux

The Food Guys
5:00 am
Sun December 28, 2014

Two Canapés: Improvising Your Appetizers

Wild salmon canapé , by Chef Kevin Doherty of Boston.
Credit Forthepeople1969

Greg shares his recent successful improvisation of two appetizers, or canapés, which he accomplished with some basic know-how and the ingredients in his freezer and cupboard. If you know how to make pâte à choux (cream puff) dough, a Mornay sauce, and blanched greens, you, too, can carry off these hors d'oeuvres with the panache of A Food Guy. Or, as Jon would recommend, just improvise your own.

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The Food Guys
6:00 am
Sun June 1, 2014

Pâte à Choux - Cream Puffs

pâte à choux, or cream puff pastry
Credit Greg Patent

6/1/14: This week on "The Food Guys:" Greg and Jon outline how to make cream puff dough, or pâte à choux. Step-by-step instructions are below. For more photos, go to The Baking Wizard.

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