In addition to the warm & fuzzy feeling you get for supporting local public radio, there are also some great gifts available to donors. The MTPR premium crew is here to tell you about a three of them.

Donor Premiums Just For The Ladies

Apr 15, 2015

It took us 50 years, but the wait is finally over. MTPR's Anne Hosler has the good news...

How To View The Premiums

Apr 12, 2015

Looking to view our wonderful listener-donated thank you gifts?

Go to the Donate page.

Select either "Sustainer - $5, $10, $15 per Month Ongoing" or "Annual Pledge or One-Time Contribution"

The premiums are the first section on the donation page.

To view details about a premium, select the item from the drop down list and select the "view" button.

A new window will pop up with the details of the premium and an image if we have one.

Spring Pledge Week

Mar 4, 2014

Spring Pledge Week is...
APRIL 6-13, 2014

Make your PLEDGE
Use our secure online donation page to make your springtime contribution to MTPR.


Do you have what it takes to be on the Premium Crew at MTPR?

  • Can you tell the time of day by our program schedule?
  • Creatively describe a gift of llama manure?
  • Learn new software and data entry procedures with ease?
  • Take a good photo of hand knitted socks?
  • Write clearly and proofread well?
  • Be happy in a busy, collaborative workplace?

We know the perfect people for this job are already listening!