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Montana Capitol
William Marcus

Montana legislators are considering overhauling Montana’s sexual assault laws during the next legislative session. On Tuesday, Montana lawmakers reviewed potential bills that could change the legal definition of rape, revise the mandatory minimum sentences  for rape, and rework laws regarding the penalty for the distribution of sexual images or recordings.

In 2013, the City of Missoula signed an agreement with the Justice Department to improve its policies and practices related to sexual assault prosecutions.
Cheri Trusler

Tell me about your last sexual encounter, describe it in detail, and if you could, please recall it all in chronological order.

An interim legislative committee is reviewing the state’s current definition of sexual intercourse without consent, for possible change in the 2017 legislative session.
William Marcus

Prosecutors and victims advocates today agreed that Montana needs to change its legal definition of rape. They spoke at a task force meeting on sexual assault called by the Montana Attorney General’s office at Carroll College.

Montana Capitol
William Marcus

Montana lawmakers are considering a change to the state’s rape law. A draft bill would update the definition of “consent” in cases of sexual assault. Current law defines the term ‘without consent’ but leaves the word ‘consent’ mostly undefined.

Members of the Sexual Assault Evidence Kit task force met for the first time Tuesday at the capitol.
William Marcus

Attorney General Tim Fox said Tuesday there are 1,400 untested sexual assault evidence kits sitting in law enforcement refrigerators around Montana. The announcement came as a special task force Fox appointed last fall met for the first time at the capitol. 

The Sexual Assault Evidence Task Force was established by Montana Attorney General Tim Fox in November to review how the evidence kits are handled around the state and how many of them have gone untested.
Corin Cates-Carney

On Tuesday, Montana’s new Sexual Assault Evidence Task Force meets to talk about so-called “rape kits.” Those are boxes of evidence gathered from sexual assault victims to potentially be used in prosecuting their attackers.

AP Corrects Butte Sexual Assault Story

Feb 4, 2016
Butte Central Catholic School
Sesamehoneytart (CC-BY-SA-4)

The Associated Press has corrected a story we broadcast Wednesday and Thursday about a former high school band teacher in Butte who is accused of sexually assaulting a student and providing alcohol to others.

That teacher, Scott L. Yorke, used to teach at Butte Central High School, not at Butte High, as the Associated Press reported.

Montana Attorney General Tim Fox
Courtesy MT DOJ

The final two members of a task force on unexamined sexual-assault evidence were named by Montana’s Attorney General today.

An alleged house burglary attempt led to heightened security at a Missoula elementary school early this morning.

In every crime, there’s a victim and an offender. But sexual assault cases are different, at least according to former federal prosecutor Anne Munch. She says rape cases have a third party involved, and it’s that third party that makes it very hard to get a conviction.

Montana Attorney General Tim Fox
Courtesy MT DOJ

Montana Attorney General Tim Fox says there’s too much we don’t know about sexual assault evidence kits that are never submitted to the state crime lab.