Eczema on child's hand
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Hi!  I’m Dr. Jamison Starbuck, a naturopathic family physician.  I’m here today with health tips for kids about: eczema.

Eczema is a pretty funny word, isn’t it?  It’s spelled E-C-Z-E-M-A.  It comes from a Greek word that means ‘something thrown out by heat’.  If you have eczema, you’ll know why.  Eczema is a red, dry, itchy, scaly skin rash and when it’s really bad, it feels like your skin is being boiled from the inside out.

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In 1905, author Harriet Keeler wrote about the inner bark of the slippery elm tree: “It is thick, fragrant, mucilaginous, demulcent, and nutritious. The water in which the bark has been soaked is a grateful drink for one suffering from affections of the throat and lungs.”