Steve Bullock

Gov. Steve Bullock.
Corin Cates-Carney

President-elect Donald Trump has promised a lot of change after he’s sworn in next month. MTPR Capitol reporter Corin Cates-Carney sat down with Montana Governor Steve Bullock earlier this week to talk about what some of  those changes could mean for Montana.

Gov. Bullock was one of the few Montana Democrats celebrating on election night.
Mike Albans

Republicans won big on election day, nationally and in Montana. The only statewide Democrat to win public office was Governor Steve Bullock who will begin his second term next month. Montana Public Radio's Capitol Reporter Corin Cates-Carney sat down with the governor earlier this week to discuss his reelection and the legislative session ahead.

Bullock: Use Coal Taxes To Fund Infrastructure

Dec 20, 2016
President Donald Trump Thursday ended a key Obama-era coal mining regulation designed to protect waterways from coal mining waste.
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With the 2017 Montana legislative session less than two weeks away, Governor Steve Bullock is promoting a plan to spend nearly $300 million on the construction and maintenance of roads, schools, water and other long-term projects.

Bullock was in Butte today pushing what he calls the "Build Montana Trust." The idea is to put some of the revenue collected from the state tax on coal sales into a special fund that would then spin off interest for future projects, too:

Harlowton Asks State Lawmakers To Increase Fuel Tax

Dec 19, 2016
The mayor and city council of Harlowton are asking state lawmakers to increase Montana’s fuel tax.
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The mayor and city council of Harlowton are asking state lawmakers to increase Montana’s fuel tax.

Earlier this month, Montana’s Department of Transportation said they’ll have to delay almost $150 million worth of road projects across the state due to a budget shortfall.

Montana capitol.
William Marcus

Senate Republicans in Montana released a plan today to tear down Governor Steve Bullock’s proposal for state funded preschool and instead start work on delayed state highway projects.

It’s been just over a day since news broke that Montana’s sole Congressional Representative Ryan Zinke may ascend to President-elect Donald Trump’s cabinet. But Montana Republican and Democratic Party officials are already thinking about what comes next if Zinke accepts Trump’s nomination.

Governor Bullock, with Budget Director Dan Villa. Governor Bullock released his revenue and spending plan Nov. 15 at the Capitol in Helena.
Corin Cates-Carney

A new tax on medical marijuana proposed by Governor Steve Bullock would add an estimated million plus dollars a year to government bank accounts. That’s almost 3 times more than the governor’s office says will eventually be needed to support the state’s medical marijuana reform.

Gov. Steve Bullock.
Corin Cates-Carney

A month after his reelection, Governor Steve Bullock today announced new people will be running nearly half of his appointed cabinet director positions in his second term.

Bullock announced the exit of six cabinet members during a press conference in the state Capitol today. So far, he’s made picks to fill half the vacancies.

Montana Capitol.
William Marcus

Governor Steve Bullock’s nearly $10 billion budget proposal could mean Montanans will end up paying a little more for wine and cigarettes. Medical marijuana, too.

Montana's most recent driver's license design incorporates changes for security and durability.
Montana DOJ

The federal government this week rejected Montana’s request to further delay implementation of the Real ID Act.

Montana Attorney General Tim Fox once said the Real ID act threatened to create an Orwellian national ID system.