Steve Bullock

The Environmental Protection Agency announced an agreement today about the clean-up of the Columbia Falls Aluminum Plant.
Corin Cates-Carney

The Environmental Protection Agency announced an agreement today about the clean-up of the Columbia Falls Aluminum Plant. 

Barry Beach Freed After Governor Grants Clemency

Nov 20, 2015
Jim McCloskey of Centurion Ministries, Barry Beach, and attorney Peter Camiel after Beech was freed.
John S. Adams

Convicted murderer Barry Beach is today a free man. Governor Steve Bullock issued an executive order granting Beach’s clemency request at noon, and a short time later Beach met with reporters outside the state prison in Deer Lodge, thanking the governor, the legislature, the media, and everyone else who made his release possible. 

Governor Steve Bullock today wrote Weyerhaeuser Corporation, urging it to maintain jobs in Montana and the legacy of public access that Plum Creek Timber established.

Colstrip power plant as seen in the early 1980s.
David T. Hanson (CC-BY-SA-2)

A study released Wednesday says that complying with President Obama's Clean Power Plan will cost Montana more than 7,000 jobs and more than $2 billion in wages and sales. Those numbers were quickly trumpeted by Montana elected officials who oppose the nationwide plan to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, including Attorney General Tim Fox, who has joined Montana to a multi-state lawsuit to halt the plan.

Zinke, Daines Urge Gov. To Block Syrian Refugees From Montana

Nov 18, 2015

A group of Missoula residents is working to bring a resettlement agency to the city in order to help refugees. But two Montana Republicans today urged Governor Bullock to prevent those refugees from coming to Montana.

Syrian refugee center on the Turkish border 50 miles from Aleppo, Syria (3 August 2012).

Republican lawmakers are taking steps to keep Syrian refugees out of Montana, and the rest of the country as well. Meanwhile the governor says it’s a moot point, for the time being.

Power line

Governor Steve Bullock has responded to President Obama’s Clean Power Plan to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

That plan asks Montana to reduce its emissions by 47 percent, that’s more than any other state. Bullock now says he’s appointing an advisory panel to draft Montana’s plan.

Contribution Limits Back In Court Ahead Of 2016 Elections

Nov 10, 2015

HELENA, Mont. (AP) — A constitutional challenge to Montana's campaign contribution limits is back in court with the potential to affect the 2016 primary elections after the same case disrupted the 2012 governor's race weeks before Election Day.

Pipes for Keystone XL Pipeline
shannonpatrick17 (CC-BY-2.0)

Montana politicians of both parties found something to unite over today: their outrage over the cancellation of the Keystone XL pipeline. President Obama rejected the permit application for the pipeline citing the need for America to lead the fight against climate change.

Steve Jess

Monday, Montana officially became the 30th state in the nation to expand its Medicaid program under the Affordable Care Act, commonly known as ObamaCare. The announcement at the state capitol was part news conference, and part pep rally, as Governor Steve Bullock thanked a crowd of supporters for everything they had to endure, including months of legislative maneuvering.