Tom Towe

Gov. Steve Bullock.
Freddy Monares - UM Legislative News Service

(This is an updated version of a story published earlier Wednesday.)

Montana lawmakers and other members of the state’s Environmental Quality Council are asking Governor Steve Bullock for a formal explanation for his dismissal of the former head of the State Parks and Recreation Board. The governor says it was due to a disagreement about legislation.

Lawmakers Consider Creating Oil And Gas Trust Fund

Feb 5, 2015
Oil pump.
Dan Boyce

The author of Montana’s coal tax and the constitutional coal tax trust fund wholeheartedly supports creation of a constitutionally protected oil and gas tax trust fund. Former Billings legislator Tom Towe says, like the constitutionally protected coal tax trust, this would be a gift to future generations.

Montana State Parks

Coal export-related rail traffic in Montana is rising and not expected to subside anytime soon. Pacific Northwest-bound train traffic can have impacts on communities, leaving some wondering why more can't be done to mitigate those inconveniences.  In this interview with Edward O'Brien, Montana Coal Board member Tom Towe talks about the options available to Montana communities.
       The Billings attorney is well-versed on the issue as he created the Montana Coal Tax, Montana Coal Tax Trust Fund and Coal Impact Fund some 3 decades ago: