Wallace Stegner

Field Notes
5:00 am
Fri August 29, 2014

Reflections On Wilderness

Idaho's Sawtooth Wilderness. (CC-BY-NC)
Credit Fredlyfish4

"Reflections on Wilderness," by Allison Linville.

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Reflections West
5:00 am
Wed July 30, 2014

Dale Gillespie & Wallace Stegner

First edition cover

Dale Gillespie grew up in Western Montana with a bias for mountains and water, but finally felt the beauty of the plains of Eastern Montana creep up on him as he watched a sunset Charlie Russell might have painted. In Big Rock Candy Mountain, Wallace Stegner reveals his own secret to "home:" 

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Reflections West
2:39 pm
Mon January 27, 2014

Dale Gillespie

1/21 & 22/2014 - Dale Gillespie reflects o how our attachment to landscape is driven by the memory of small details.  He pairs this with a passage from Wallace Stegner.