Montana Wildfire News

NOAA forecast of near-surface smoke for July 9, 2018.
NOAA Earth System Research Laboratory

Smoke visible in the Missoula area Monday dropped the air quality to "moderate." The smoke is likely coming from the Klamathon Fire in California.

Sarah Coefield of Missoula City-County Health Department said the fire is burning about 35,000 acres near the California/Oregon border.

Smoke covers the northwest on Sept. 4 2017.

For most Montanans, wildfire smoke is ‘out of sight, out of mind’. It’s been almost a year since smoke pollution filled Missoula County, turning the air yellow and creating a public health crisis for residents. But one air quality expert is urging people to start preparing for the smoke before wildfire season arrives.

Western Montana's first heat wave of 2018 begins later this week as temperatures are expected to rise into the upper-80s mid-90s in some places by Thursday and Friday. Temperatures are expected to return to normal by the weekend.
National Weather Service, Missoula

Wildland fire officials with the Missoula County Fire Protection Association are elevating fire danger in Missoula County to 'moderate'. The change is effective midnight July 4.

Weather forecasters predict hot and dry conditions by the end of the week, with temperatures ranging into the 90s throughout the region.

Fire fighters building fire line.

The National Interagency Fire Center raised the national preparedness level up a notch today as wildfires across the southwest and lower Rockies require more firefighting resources.

Northwest Montana remains at the lowest preparedness level.