War of the Worlds Live Stream

Watch your favorite public media personalities as they re-create the historic radio broadcast of Orson Welles' War of the Worlds, Wednesday, October 30, 2013 7:30p.m. After the original program stay tuned for a special Montana twist on the story, written by Ray Ekness.

CAST (Original Broadcast)

Orson Welles/Professor Pierson - William Marcus
Announcer #2 - Michael Marsolek
Carla Phillip - Annie Garde
Mr. Wilmuth/Commander/Operator #3/Voice - Saxon Holbrook
Announcer #3/Officer/Operator 2/Voices - Pattie Corrigan
Brig. Gen. Smith/Operator 1/Voices - Ray Fanning
Harriet McDonald/Observer/Operator 5/Voices - Anna Rau
Capt. Lansing/Gunner/Operator 4/Voices - John Twiggs
Sec’y of the Interior/Stanger/Voices - Gus Chambers
Announcer #1 - Terry Conrad

CAST (Montana Version)

Announcer 1/Professor Peterson - Terry Conrad
Pledge Host 1/Voices - Annie Garde
Pledge Host 2/Voices - William Marcus
News Anchor - John Twiggs
Sandy Wells - Anna Rau
Joe Douglas/Voices - Gus Chambers
Pilot/Voices - Saxon Holbrook
Gen. Jones/Co-pilot/Voices - Ray Fanning
Stranger - Michael Marsolek


Audio Engineer - Beth Anne Austein
Engineering/Support - Tim Martin, Ivy Wells, Danny Dauterive, Josh Winterrowd
Director - Ray Ekness