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Chérie Newman is an arts and humanities producer and host for Montana Public Radio, and a freelance writer. Her weekly literary program, The Write Question, is broadcast on several public radio stations, and available online at and

Her articles, essays, and book reviews have been published in Montana Magazine, High Country News, the University of Montana Alumni Newsletter, Whitefish Review, the Billings Gazette, the Missoulian, Montana Senior News, Outside Bozeman Magazine, and on numerous websites.

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It’s film festival season in Montana. And during the next 10 days more than 150 films will be shown in venues scattered around Missoula during the Big Sky Documentary Film Festival (BSDFF). MTPR's Cherie Newman talked with Gita Saedi Keily, Executive Director of BSDFF and Doug Hawes-Davis, Director of Programming, about this year’s festival.

Molly Gloss talks about and reads from her novel Falling From Horses. She also tells what she knows about the welfare of animals that appear in movies, particularly westerns.

About the book:

I was there
as the rain

drizzle contemplated

I could feel
the world changing
its mind.

Until the drops
thickened into

Like I was there
at snow's invention.

The sound changes,
you know,
once the snowflakes
hit the ground
they decide
to rejoin

The day was wild with certainty.
For a small moment there,
I knew what matters.

Michael Marsolek talks with Gita Saedi Kiely about the 2015 Big Sky Documentary Film Festival.

Laura Pritchett talks about and reads from Stars Go Blue, a novel in which a Colorado rancher and his wife deal with his diagnosis of Alzheimer's.

About the Book:

Cinemafest In Polson

Jan 22, 2015
Courtesy Flathead Lake International Cinemafest

Downtown Polson will be a hub of activity this weekend, when more than 80 films will be shown during the 2015 Flathead Lake International Cinemafest. Some of those films will win awards. MTPR's Chérie Newman talked with two of this year’s judges, Mac Swan and David King, to find out what they want to see in a film.

Newman: Mac, as a judge, what are you looking for?

David Allan Cates talks about and reads from his latest novel, Tom Connor's Gift, about which Bryan Di Salvatore writes, "Coursing between anecdote and musing, this is a novel only grownups can understand. It is smart and ecstatic and it will break your goddamn heart."

About the book:

In Resilience, the sisters share their story of triumphing over Jessie's illness. The book is written in Jessie's voice with running commentary and an epilogue written by Glenn.

I’m Chérie Newman.

Elissa Washuta talks about and reads from her memoir, My Body is a Book of Rules.

About the book:

Bill Allard / Bill Allard

For the last several years, Robert Stubblefield has invited me to talk about The Write Question with students in one of the classes he teaches at the University of Montana. We talk about specific The Write Question programs students have listened to. Then I answer questions about the process of reading, interviewing, and creating programs for radio and the Web.