Gov. Bullock Nominates Mangan For Next Top Political COP

Apr 19, 2017

Montana Governor Steve Bullock has nominated former democratic lawmaker Jeff Mangan from Great Falls to serve as the state’s next top political cop.

Bullock’s selection comes several weeks after he interviewed Mangan and Ben Tiller, an attorney in the State Auditor's Office, for the job a Commissioner of Political Practices. Both Mangan and Tiller’s nominations were sent to the governor by a bipartisan group of legislative leaders. 

The governor and his staff spent about ten minutes chatting with each of the candidates in March. During those interviews, the candidates were asked about their position on the Citizens United decision, contribution limits to campaigns, and approach to enforcing Montana’s campaign finance laws.

Mangan’s nomination must be confirmed by Senate. If confirmed, Mangan will replace Jonathan Motl, whose term ended in January.